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This webcam updates around every hour during the daylight hours and only during daylight hours, using an automated piece of software.

quickcamThe first webcam I used was a Connectix/Logitech Quickcam VC, it worked great for many years but after being exposed to sun for years the camera lost it’s ability to display colors very well.

orbitLater I used a CleverCam 360 and a Creative Labs webcam, and sometimes a capture card with a camcorder, a wireless camera, or a camcorder on a Firewire card.  For many years the camera was the excellent Logitech Orbit webcam. This is the one with Carl Zeiss® optics, auto-focus, fairly high resolution, zoom, and motorized mounts so that it can automatically swivel to follow a face or motion (with the right software). It also sees fairly well in very light. It was used as a static cam but someday I had planned on offered the ability of visitors to remotely control it.  The camera began intermittently working and had to be replaced.  I then used a Tecknet Model C016 webcam for awhile.

Currently for Webcam 1 I am using a Logitech C120, the camera and software has been relocated from running on my home office computer with a view from my window to a dedicated (but fairly old) computer with a more unobstructed and wider view.  The webcam itself is safely protected from the elements with a glass window.  Unfortunately the camera (depending on the time of the year) can sometimes be subject to a slight glare in the morning.  The location is a few miles north of Watertown, NY – looking approximately southward somewhat toward the general direction of the city and at the top of a hill at around 448 feet elevation.

As of 11/14/16 I have added Webcam 2 using the Tecknet Model C016.  This is also running on an older model spare computer situated down the hill a short distance with an elevation of about 10 feet less than the first webcam.  It points in roughly the opposite direction from the first camera and gives a view of the chicken house and yard and weather conditions along an open field beyond the yard.

I have plans to add a temperature-monitoring unit to the webcam, and possibly someday a full weather station and other webcams.  Feel free to donate if you wish, using the donate button to the upper-right.

Yawcam software is used on the webcam computer(s) for image capture and upload.  The website itself is run on the WordPress platform using the Mantra Theme with some modifications, and relevant plugins, hosting is by Interserver.net.

Please feel free to contact me if the camera doesn’t seem to be working or with any other issue, or with suggestions.

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