Totman Gulf Trail

Trail Along the Totman Gulf Rim

Info: The Totman Gulf Trail (the gorge is named after Calvin Totman, an early settler to the area) is a rim trail along the Totman Gulf gorge, located in the Town of Lorraine.  The gorge is lined with shale and Fox Creek runs through it.  The rim trail at the top will afford you pretty spectacular views of the 100 to 200 foot gorge of shale rock and Fox Creek at the bottom.  Be careful with kids and pets as the edge can be close in some places.  The bottom of the gorge can be accessed near the Lamay Road trail entrance by going down the steep, very rough and somewhat washed out ‘ramp’, that is in some places obstructed by downed trees and washouts.  It is very rough and not for those who have problems hiking or navigating steep, rough trails.  This is the remains of an old road that went partway down into the gorge and connected with a bridge that forded the gorge (webmaster note – one account mentioned that an individual business owner had the bridge built to help with his holdings but this can not be confirmed historically).  You can still see the remains of the bridge supports (see photos above) if you go to the end of the lower part of the ramp/road down to the bottom.  Otherwise, if you take a right off from the ramp near the bottom you can walk on a few very short trails through the woods and find a high but small waterfall that fills a fairly deep small pool at one place along the small stream.
Also see some info on the old bridge ruins on the Old Abandoned Buildings of Northern NY site here.

Directions/Location: Parking area on Larmon Road and parking along the road near the intersection of Lemay Road and Mooney Gulf Road.  Take Route 11 south from Adams and watch for the Lamay Road corner on the left a few miles south of Adams.  The paved Lamay Road turns into a narrow (fairly rough) seasonal road which should be passable by most vehicles during the dry times of the year as long as the driver is careful.  Near the short right-hand turn (which is where Lamay Road turns into Mooney Gulf Road) is a small parking area along the road, the rim trail is up a short hill straight ahead.  There is also another parking lot a short distance down the Larmon Road.  To reach the Larmon Road take the Lemay Road (as above) and go around the sharp right-hand turn, watched for the Larmon Road on the left a short distance down.  It probably is not marked.

Trail Map/Directions:

Totman Gulf Trail

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Totman Gulf Trail: 43.763377, -76.000457
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Totman Gulf Trail

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Trail Surface: Medium to large gravel for the rim trail, very steep dirt down to the bottom of the gorge, with washed out places and possibly some downed trees to climb over in some places (unless you take a steeper side trail).

Trail Distance: Rim Trail – Lamay Road to Larmon Road; .7 miles, Larmon Road Parking lot to loop one way ; .3 (1 mile total one way).  Short but steep and rough trail down to the bottom of the gorge and a few very short trails around the bottom.

Trail Map (see dashed line):


Date/Time Open: ?

Mountain Biking: Short easy ride on the rim trail, steep rough ride down the gorge ramp trail.

Hybrid or Other Biking: Very rough but passable for medium duty hybrid bikes on the rim trail.

Hiking/Walking Allowed: Yes

Cross-Country Skiing: ?

Fishing: ?

Pets Allowed: Yes.

Built on Former Railroad Bed: No.

More Trail Maps:

Totman Gulf Trails

Totman Gulf Trails Map

Special Instructions: Very steep cliffs along the edge of the trail in places.

For More Information: Jefferson County Soil & Conservation – Link.

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