Long Falls Hydroelectric Project Recreation Area

Island Park and Short Trail in Carthage

Info: A little hard to find, but interesting when you do. This is built on an island that was created when a canal system was made in Carthage many years ago. There is a small trail, picnic areas, and access to the water and nearby dam. Some work is being done on this to develop it further. You can see some more pictures of the old canal walls and other ruins in Carthage on this page.

Directions/Location: From Route 26 (Martin Street Road) heading into Carthage from the north look for Harper Terrace (the street), West Carthage. Watch for a left-hand turn onto Hewitt Drive. On Hewitt Drive watch for the DPW buildings, take a right onto the dirt driveway beside the DPW buildings, and watch for the sign and parking area. After parking you can cross around the side of the no-vehicle barrier onto the bridge to the island and look for the trail on the left after you get onto the island.
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GPS Coordinates: ?Trail Distance: Short.

Date/Time Open: ?

Mountain Biking Allowed: Yes.

Hiking/Walking Allowed: Yes.

Cross-Country Skiing: Probably not.

Fishing: ? Fishing can be done the nearby shore.

Pets Allowed: Yes.

Built on Former Railroad Bed: No.

Special Instructions/Information:

For More Information: ?

Long Falls Trail/Park Info

Long Falls Trail/Park Info

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