Calcium Nature Trail

Easy Walking or Biking Trail

Info: This trail is paved with loose gravel. Fairly easy for anyone, whether walking or bike-riding, only a few light hills. Groomed in the winter for cross-country skiing. There is a large pond and paved parking at both ends. Nicely kept trail with wooden bridges, a picnic table, cook-out, bench, fitness equipment with instructions signs, etc. Pond, playground, and gazebo near the middle. Pond is posted No Trespassing. The trail is actually a waste management system line right-of-way from Watertown to Fort Drum but do not let this discourage you from using this excellent trail. Some history on Calcium here.

Directions: If you are heading out of Watertown go out Route 11 until you find the Patterson Road on the right. The entrance to the trail will be just past this. Or you may continue out Route 11 until you reach Calcium and then take a right into Calcium on the Sanford Corners Road. Another parking lot is a little ways up that road on the right near the fire station.
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Coordinates/Waypoint(s): N 44 01.249, W 75 50.904 – Parking lot/trail start at Calcium end.

Geocache(s) from *(GCM32A) The Walkway & Nature Trail #1 [N 44° 01.139 W 075° 51.008]
*(GCW2FR) Don’t Poke Your Eye Out [N 44° 01.034 W 075° 51.460]

Trail Distance: Approximately 2.1 miles

Date/Time Open: ?

Mountain Biking Allowed: Yes
Difficulty: Very Easy.

Regular Biking Allowed: Yes
Difficulty: Easy, except for road bikes with very thin tires, still rideable.

Hiking/Walking Allowed: Yes
Difficulty: Easy, some slight hills at the Calcium end.

Cross-Country Skiing: Yes.

Fishing: Yes.

Pets Allowed: Yes

Built on Former Railroad Bed: No, built above a utility line from Watertown through Calcium.

Special Instructions: No horse-riding. No motorized vehicles.

For More Information: The Development Authority of the North Country and Fort Drum (


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