Boonville Black River Canal Trail

Along the towpath of the old Black River Canal system

Info: There are two trails originating from Boonville.

One starts at Boonville at Erwin Park near the covered bridge and follows the old towpath and what used to be the Black River Canal northeast until it curves east and then southeast to Forestport.  It can also be accessed at Forestport or at any of the numerous road intersections along it’s route.  In Forestport look for the Dutch Hill Road which connects to the Canal Road.  The Canal Road continues on and becomes the trail.  There are multiple benches along the trail at infrequent intervals.  At a little less than half way there seems to be a park off from the trail with picnic tables and a Porta potty.

The other trail is a biking/walking/ski trail also along what was once the Black River Canal, and can be accessed across from Erwin Park, watch for the Boonville Museum look eastward to the gas station.  To the left of the gas station the trail system started and runs south/east to an existing multi-purpose recreation trail system as well as the Boonville Youth Athletic Association ball fields and the Headwaters Shopping Plaza. The trail also connects to other trails which are part of the BREIA (Black River Environmental Improvement Association) trails system.  The main trail that follows the old canal parallels Route 46 and passes through Lansing Kill Gorge and then reaches Pixel Falls State Park.

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Directions/Location: The trail can be entered from the village of Boonville. To access the trail from Boonville find the intersection of NYS Route 12 and 12D as you enter Boonville at Erwin Park near the covered bridge.  For the southern trail go across Route 12 near the museum and look for the trail to the left of the gas station that can be seen southerly from the museum.

The trail can also be entered from Forestport or any road intersections along the route, the other trail can be accessed from the BREIA trail or along Route 46, and from Pixley Falls State Park trail.

Google Map Directions here or use map below.

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Trail Distance: Both trails are around 10 miles+,  many miles more when connected to other trail systems.

Trail Surface: Light gravel, packed dirt.

Date/Time Open: ?

Biking Allowed: Recommend hybrid, mountain bike, cruiser or other bikes of that type.  Not recommended for road bikes.  Watch for occasional protruding stones, and rough intersections at some road crossings.

Hiking/Walking Allowed: Yes, easy walking but watch for occasional protruding stones and muddy spots during certain times of the year.  Looks to be handicap-accessible with a smooth enough surface for electric scooters and wheelchairs if needed.

Cross-Country Skiing: Yes.

Fishing: ?

Pets Allowed: Yes.

Built on Former Railroad Bed: No, built on former Black River Canal tow path.

Trail Map:

Boonville Black River Canal Trail - Boonville end

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Boonville Black River Canal Trail - Boonville end 43.483356, -75.328488

Boonville k River Canal Trail - Forestport end

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Boonville k River Canal Trail - Forestport end 43.442139, -75.218925

Special Instructions: No ATV’s allowed or other motorized vehicles outside of snowmobiles.

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