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Summer 2022

About Me

I have many different interests and dabble in various fields for variety, and I believe that a person should be open-minded and have an interest in a great many things as well as continue to learn and improve daily to be a physically, psychologically and mentally healthy well-rounded human being.

I develop websites and work with graphic design for website use.
Some of my interests are the Internet, computers, web development and creation, Wordpress, photography and graphics, Photoshop, technology in general, mobile and portable devices, road and mountain biking, hiking, fitness & exercise, health, history, music, the outdoors, science fiction, reading, writing, movies and television, photography, urban exploration, aircrafts & flying, science, space exploration, pets & animals, learning, automobiles, etc.

I am middle-aged and come from a rural farming area.  I love the outdoors but the farming life was never for me, and I went into electronic and radio engineering and computer technology as soon as I could.

Previously I weighed over 200 pounds but my wife and I made a major lifestyle change and now eat healthy, exercise twice daily, and we are both very fit. I am also a certified Personal Trainer, Expert Level.


My Websites

You will find most of my websites listed here. They mirror my varied interests and hobbies.
Most of my websites are built with Wordpress or with Bootstrap.

Random Bits & Bytes

Random Bits & Bytes Blog

Here you will find blog posts on a variety of different subjects and interests from the author, and occasional guest postings. Subjects may include fitness/exercise and health info and hardware, reviews, computer and tech advice, trail reviews, photos, travel postings, and much more.

NNY Trails

NNY Trails

The Northern NY Trails website covers trail systems in Jefferson County, NY & some surrounding areas of Northern NY with info, maps, directions, and photos.


Marc's Jefferson County Weather Webcam

Two webcams updated once an hour during daylight hours displaying weather for Jefferson County, NY north of Watertown.


Old Abandoned Buildings of Northern NY (website design out of date but occasional photo updates are still made).



Jefferson County, NY Biking page - Facebook, Strava, bike resource map for Jefferson County, links.


Some of My Photos and Artwork on DeviantArt

A sampling of my photos and artwork on the website


Some Jefferson County, NY history

Recap of local historical info, no longer really updated.



Kayak, Canoe, SUP, Row/Paddle in Jefferson County, New York.

HMI Enterprises

Web development, re-design, maintenance, admin, Wordpress, Bootstrap as well as web graphic design are our specialties.