Watertown Train Station

Watertown's Luxurious Train Station

Widely regarded as one of the city's most beautiful buildings–most train stations featured marble, granite and fine wood throughout–the train station was located in what is now the downtown J.B. Wise parking lot. This area was the passenger and–until 1906–the freight hub of the region; the Derouin Plumbing and Adirondack Outfitters buildings along Newell Street (it was called River Street then), are surviving railroad freight houses.
There were four platforms: two for west-south trains (Syracuse, Cape Vincent, etc.), and two for east-north trains (Carthage, Utica, Massena, etc.) To make the rail passenger safer and keep ladies of the day from having to drag their long skirts through coal dust and cinders, there was a tunnel that went underneath the tracks to the remote platforms. Passenger service north of Syracuse ceased in 1958; the station was demolished in 1962.

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