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The Stone House was built in Cape Vincent in 1815 by James D. LeRay for his son Vincent, who was at the time supervising his father's land development in the area near the St. Lawrence River.

In 1823, the elder LeRay's mismanagement of his land holdings forced him to hand over his businesses to his son. The LeRay family holdings prospered under Vincent LeRay's management after his father returned to France. LeRay, despite the vast improvements to his Cape Vincent home, left the Stone House vacant and moved with his family to his father's mansion in LeRaysville. In 1837, LeRay sold the house to the Peugnets, a family of French exiles who supported the Napoleonic regime in France. The home remained in the Peugnet family into the 20th century.

The Stone House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

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