Jacob Brown Mansion

Jacob Brown Mansion

The General Jacob Brown Mansion stands proudly on Brown Blvd. in Brownville, Jefferson County, New York. Building on it started in 1811 but because of the war of 1812 it wasn't finished until 1814/15. It holds a basement plus two other floors and a large attic with a ceiling high enough that you can stand up in. The top floor just below the attic is used as a private residence for who ever is the caretaker at that time. In one of the rooms on the ground floor there is a museum which holds a numerous amount of old objects of the time period. In one corner stands an old spinning wheel and near the old fireplace is a babies cradle.

Some of the caretakers in the past have heard waltz type music coming from this room with the sounds of people laughing, the tinkling of crystal glassware, the rustle of silk, of shuffling feet all reminiscent of a gala ballroom in the midst of a ball. But by the time you arrive at the doorway to investigate it would stop. This is not the only strange sounds and sights of the mansion. Late at night a baby has been heard to cry and the soft low murmur of a mother singing an old lullaby can be heard by some. A steady hum of the sound of a spinning wheel also can be heard. Is the cry of the baby attached to the cradle there? You can almost picture a young woman singing to her infant as she spins.

Brownville_002.jpg Courtesy of Hope Marshall. Click Photo to visit external site.

As you leave this room and climb the twisted staircase just under the light hanging from the ceiling you may encounter a cold spot. It has been mentioned by many people even today. It will send a chill through even the strongest of men.

One of the caretakers,in the 1970's, had an older woman in her 90's, the wife's mother, living with them. And whenever she was there by herself she would often see a young woman just walking through the caretakers apartment. She would almost always see her in the kitchen while she washed up the dishes left from lunch. When asked if she knew the young spirit she replyed that she did not but described her as wearing a long gingham dress with an old fashion sunbonnet covering part of her face. The spirit never spoke but at times would stop and watch the elderly woman as she cleaned the kitchen. she was asked once if she was afraid of this spirit and she replied why would I she doesn't bother me and she may just stand there for awhile and then leave or just fade away. This certain older woman had spent a life time of seeing spirits of different family members after they had passed away so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary to her. And to this day descendants of hers can do the same.

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