Robert Lansing

Robert Lansing


Robert Lansing
Secretary of State,
Term of Appointment: 06/24/1915 to 02/13/1920


  • Born in Watertown, New York on October 17, 1864;
  • Graduated from Amherst College in 1886;
  • Admitted to the bar in 1889 and practiced in Watertown;
  • Married Eleanor Foster in 1890;
  • Associate counsel for the United States in the Bering Sea Arbitration, 1892-1893;
  • Counsel for the Mexican and Chinese Legations in Washington, 1894-1895 and 1900-1901;
  • Counsel for the United States before the Bering Sea Claims Commission, 18961897; before the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal in 1903; in the North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Arbitration 1908-1910; and in the American and British Claims Arbitration in 1912;
  • Agent of the United States in the last-mentioned arbitration, 1913-1914;
  • Instrumental in founding the American Society of International Law in 1906 and in establishing the American Journal of International Law in 1907;
  • Counselor of the Department of State 1914-1915;
  • Secretary of State ad interim June 9-23, 1915;
  • Secretary of State in President Wilson's Cabinet and served from June 24, 1915 until February 13, 1920;
  • As Secretary of State, protested against British blockade and contraband practices;
  • Signed the Treaty of 1916 for the purchase of the Danish West Indies and the Lansing-Ishii Agreement of 1917 with Japan;
  • Practiced international law in Washington, DC;
  • Died in Washington, DC on October 30, 1928.


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