Point Peninsula is a peninular landmass in the Town of Lyme that encloses Chaumont Bay and the mainland, and connected only by a narrow bit of land, called “The Isthmas”, with a paved road (the Ismthus-Flanders Road). The hamlet of Point Peninsula is on the southeast side off from County Route (Road) 57, on the eastern side of Point Peninsula is Long Point and a campign area called Shangra-La, on the northeastern side is Long Point State Park. This area has a number of all-year as well as summer residents.

In 1832 on the south side of Point Peninsula a number of lake ships were built, because of the abundant white oak and white pine in the area. The first vessel built there was built by Greenleaf Roud, under the supervision of Asa Wilcox. She was named the William Buckley.

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