Two workmen were killed and two others seriously injured on October 6, 1914 during the construction of the Watertown Masonic Temple.

Bricklayer Harry Burns of Frontenac St. and laborer Nicholas Petra of Walden Ave. sustained fatal injuries including fractures of the skull after they fell 60-80 feet into the building's basement along with an estimated 30 tons of concrete, brick and steel. They had been working on the building's cornice when it had suddenly became detached from the building and crashed to the ground, carrying the two men to their death amid the debris.

Two other workers, William Williams and Logan Keanie sustained multiple broken bones of the legs, ankles and feet in the fall, but survived. Surgeon Frederic Calkins was able to reconnect broken bones in Keanie's ankle and leg using a common 2 1/2 inch nail and a screw, a first for this type of procedure in Watertown, allowing Keanie to regain the ability to walk again unaided.

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