The Jefferson County Webboard

The Jefferson County Webboard was at one time the longest running webboard/discussion area in the North Country of Northern New York.

Through many software versions, conflicts, owners, administrators, and changing membership the Jeffcowebboard had continued to flourish and grow, with the guidance of those who have ran and helped to run the webboard as well as the members themselves and a partnership with Newzjunky.

The webboard was originally created by 'Marc', who ran the Jefferson County Mailing list, a local mailing list group for general discussions mostly centering on Jefferson County and begun in the early days of the Internet. A genealogy and history mailing list was eventually split off. The Jefferson County NY General Discussions Webboard (as it was originally called) was created by Marc sometime in 1995-1996 as a logical extension of the Jefferson County Mailing List. At first the webboard got little traffic, much less than the mailing list, which was moderately popular.

During the decline of the Grapevine, a very popular webboard which had nevertheless deteriorated into complete anarchy, the creator of the Jeffcowebboard publicized the board there and people began trickling in; likely because of the more structured format and civil discussions.

Over the years many people had come on board as administrators and moderators to help and guide the discussions and traffic associated with the system. New pieces of software had been used, each time the number of users have forced the administrators to upgrade to better and better systems (usually at the outrage of some members) and many improvements and accompanying sites have been tried and, if successful, permanently added (like this Wiki). Eventually a dedicated host was paid for as well as the domain name.

'Marc' eventually retired from running the system and took on a secondary technical support role. A number of new administrators took the reigns over the years, from Jasonknny to Lex to MEL, and many co-administrators and moderators had come and gone.

More and more members continued to flock in in it's heydey, with the help of the vigilant administrators and moderators who have promoted and organized the webboard. Word of mouth by members, the partnership of the extremely popular and well-known, and links to and from other sites and search engines had also done much to make this webboard one of the most popular and talked about in the area.

Unfortunately with popularity comes various controversies and disputes. But for many years facts and politics and local events were hashed over, surprising information revealed, troublemakers and questionable characters caused mischief and amusement with some being kicked off the system permanently, prominent figures have visited and posted; sometimes under cover of aliases, and occasionally the Jeffcowebboard had broken news or been the subject of news.
Local newspapers and other websites tried their best to kill the JeffCoWebboard but what finally did it in was when those who managed it and used it moved on as well as continually evolving technology. Eventually it fizzled and died.

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