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(November 13,1760 – December 31,1840)

The US needed an intermediary with the French, who had helped the country during the war so Benjamin Franklin went to France and stayed with Jacques Le Ray de Chaumont. Le Ray was a commoner of sorts and a businessman very sympathetic to America, he also had stock in America being successful and paying off their debts to him.

On June 22, 1791, Governor Clinton and the Board of Land Commissioners began to plan on getting Northern NY settled. Alexander Macomb purchased all land in what is now Jefferson County; except Penet Square, most of Franklin County and St. Lawrence, all of Lewis County, and part of Oswego. This was called, appropriately enough, Macomb's Purchase. Macomb purchased the land on behalf of himself, William Constable, and Daniel McCormick. After the purchase, the land was divided into “Eleven Towns”.

But Macomb went into bankruptcy and Constable sold large parts of the property to other people in the state. He also went to France to talk to James Le Ray, thinking the French Revolution might cause many of the French to move to America. Le Ray invested in land, trying to get back money his family had lost while helping the Americans.

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