Holy Family Church

Holy Family Church

In 1895, the St. Patrick's Parish was divided between the West and East sides of Watertown. The new Eastern parish was named Holy Family, and citizens in this parish immediately began attending services in Washington Hall. One year later, Holy Family built their first church on Winthrop Street. Their church, built in the French Missionary style, was intended to be a temporary church while funds were raised to erect a more fitting structure. The current stone, Romanesque church was built in the 1904 .

Holy Family Church 1896

The church opened its first school in the Sterling Mansion in the 1920's. Holy family moved its school in the mid 20th century to a modern building on Sterling Place. It is the host church to Immaculate Heart Primary (formerly Holy Family) Parochial School.

In 2008, the church underwent a $900,000 restoration project to its interior.

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