The Geoge Lee home as it looked in the 1940's There is a wooden addition on the other side that doesn't show up here.

George Lee was a pioneer farmer in Henderson, Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, New York. George was born on April 2,1791 in Albany County, but was believed to have moved to Jefferson County before the war of 1812. According to a letter dated July 1, 1817 and published in “The Sacketts Harbor Gazette” George was living there at that time. George was married March 11,1821 to Olive Baker the daughter of Nathan and Abigail Westcott Baker who were also Jefferson County pioneer's they moved there from Deer field, Oneida County.

The Lee house in the year 2007

George and Olive had 8 children. They were Lemuel George, Washington, Mercy Ann, Addison Hoyt, Harry, Helen Maria, Freeborn and Wallace. Both Lemuel and Washington were executors of his will dated March 14,1877.

George Lee loved music and played an old time Fiddle. He passed his love of music and talent on to several of his children. He is mentioned in a book written by Walter John Coats “ The Lee Family of Houndsfield, New York and related Families” Published in 1941, which names George Lee as the first of the Lee family in Hounsfield. He built a large stone house on the Camps Mills road near the cross road of Baggs Corners road. In the top corner of the stone house is clearly written G.Lee 1834. It no longer belongs to the Lee family although today the 175 year old house is still lived in and in very good shape. George Lee died in 1877.

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