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Using the Wiki

To edit or subscribe to page changes, or post discussions you must be registered and logged in. Each page has a discussion icon - if there is a discussion thread about this page you will see it on this discussion page. If you would like to start a discussion abotu a particular page make sure you are registered and logged in, and then click this discussion button and start a new thread in the large box.


you msut be registered and logged into edit pages.

  • To edit or create a new page please register.
  • Once you submit your registration info you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which will have a link included that you must click to confirm.
  • Some of the most common things that can be embedded in a wiki page: photos, graphics, drawings, maps, links, videos, audio, polls, spreadsheets, chat, discussion boards, slideshows, etc.
  • To get a full syntax reference with wikitext markup language click here.
  • When creating a new page use the Header (the first 'H' button) button in the editor for the name of the page at the top and then continue your wiki entry.

The format of a page should be:

HEADER/Title of Page. Try to use use the first header button 'Same Level Headline' Body of text, photos, and other headings if need Other links (internal and then external)

B button - Bootstrap Wrapper. This allows you to enter text for fancy and interesting notes and effects.

           // //

Here are the basics that you need to know to use the Jefferson County Wiki:

external image 116t7he.jpg
external image jcwbw1.jpg
Once you Log In, you should see the two buttons/links that I'm pointing to above –

You'll usually be looking to do one of two things –

(1) Edit an existing page [If you find a page to edit and you do not see an edit button near the top then you are not logged in or have not joined the wiki].
(2) Create a New Page

You can use the Search Box to find pages - or to search to see if the page you want to add already exists. Please make sure you search for a page before creating it.

When you edit a topic (Edit This Page button) – or even as you're creating a new topic (New Page) – it will look like this:

external image 2nkqmgx.jpg

It's pretty easy to use – WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get. The interface is somewhat similar to Word or other word processors.

When you are editing a page, you can make things bold, add bullet points, numbering, underlines, etc. And there are many other features you can use also. The important thing is to remember to save!

When you create a New Page – it will ask you for the name of the page:
external image 11149w9.jpg
It will automatically create the URL based on the name you enter. In the example above, let's say I wanted to do a page about NewzJunky – it automatically creates a URL of:


Once you click Create, you'll go to a screen like is showed in the 2nd post – but instead of a bunch of text, it will be blank because it's new. Then all you need to do is type away and click Save when you are done!

One of the more important facets of any Wiki is the links - that's how you build your structure, and how you move readers from one similar topic to the next. Or refer them to a different topic from the one they are reading. Let's take the following as an example:
external image 29djsas.jpg

Say you were editing the above page and decided that you want the words “Jefferson County” to link to the JeffCoWiki page “Jefferson County” (the page you want to link to either can be previously created or a new page). You would highlight the words with the mouse cursor and click on the Link button in the Toolbar:

external image f4nzhz.jpg

You then get the Insert Link screen, with the Page Name already filled in:

external image ek12yo.jpg
If the JeffCoWiki page that you are linking to has exactly the same spelling as what you are highlighting all that you need to do at this point is click the Add Link button. If the page name has a slightly different title then fill it in beside where it says Page Name. For example - if you highlight the words 'John Smith' but the link on the wiki is 'https://www.jeffcowiki.thats.im/doku.php/John+Charles+Smith' then you would enter 'John Charles Smith' beside where is says “Page Name”.

The Link Text is what you are going to see on the page you are editing.

You can also link to external web pages as well. To link to an external page click the External Link tab and fill in the complete address:

external image 309hsao.jpg

You can create anchor links within the page you are working on too by clicking the Anchor tab. This is good for long lists and such, you can contact us for more info on this or click the HELP near the top of the Wiki pages.

You can also start or join in on discussions about the wiki or individual pages on the wiki. It's intent is to give members a way to communicate about the page they are working on or other things concerning the wiki.

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