Evans Mills High School


Evans Mills High School is located on Main Street in Evans Mills. For years first through twelfth grades were taught in this one building, until 1953 when the new part was added. That is the building with small windows behind and to the right (see photo). At that time first through sixth grade classes were moved to that building which also had a large gym.
Before 1905 school in Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York was held in an old wooden building. And even before that it was at times held in the LeRay Hall. Some of the classes were taught there plus many functions as basketball and plays. The stage had a large curtain with the LeRay Mansion painted on it and worked on old wooden rollers. The old wooden building used for primary grades was once the Baptist Church.
Then in 1905 the corner stone for the large brick building was laid out. In the corner stone was placed a list of the pupils and teachers, a copy of the program with the names of the architects and a five dollar gold piece. On the corner stone is written Bld’C.Com. C.D. Hodge & Co., N.S. Beebe contractors, L. L. Daynard, G. R. North, F. W. Lawton Supt., A.E. Helmer Dist. Clerk. William & Johnson. Arc’t. Early in 1906 the building was finished and occupied.
The Senior Grade School offered two years of high school, and then in 1913 they started teaching four years of high school classes. That year it officially became Evans Mills High School. The first high school graduation class was in 1910. The graduating class was Miles Hutchinson, Mrs. W. Carlton Beebe (Iva Hawn) Miss Marcia Christie and Miss Blanche Besha. Miles Hutchinson later taught classes there. Julia Brennan, Elizabeth Ellenberger and Alvwina McCarthy were preceptress as well as the school principal in early years. The high school classes listed in 1910-1911 were Ancient History; English History; Business Writing; First Year German and the History of Education. In 1934 music was added ,1936 Commercial subjects, 1948 Homemaking, 1950 Physical education, and in 1953 art and adult education classes.
In 1947 a kitchen and cafeteria building were added which was also used for some classes like homemaking. Then in 1949 a large building was added for shop and later Drivers Education. In 1950 ground was broken for the building which would hold Kindergarten through fifth grades, and also a large gymnasium and stage were completed in 1952. In 1949 they hired a nurse - teacher and in 1950 a dental hygienist.
The principals were as follows: H. B. Arthur (1905-1906), Chester Moody (1907 - 1908), Clair Burns (1909-1911), Luther Moses (1912), Irving Gladstone (1913 - 1916), Ralph Austin ( 1917), Lloyd Benton ( 1918) Mrs. Helen Hale (1919), Guy Hall ( 1920 - 1924), Everett Bill ( 1925 - 1926), J. Lowell McCarthy (1927), Nelson Ramsdell (1928 - 1929) and in 1930 Percy E. Ball took over as principal and was there until the school centralized and students moved to the new school in 1958. Evans Mills High School, Pamelia # 9, Pamelia # 10, Antwerp High School, Oxbow Grade School, Calcium Grade School, Philadelphia High School, Pink School House and Theresa High School all were joined and in 1956 became Indian River Central School system. The last yearbook for Evans Mills High School “The Millstone” was printed in 1957.
phpPoUmIwPM.jpg| As the school looked in the 1950's EvansMillsHS2.jpg | | This shows the old wooden building and construction on the brick building. Evans_Mills_School.jpg| | Evans Mills High School 1952. Click to Enlarge.

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