Dulles State Office Building

The Dulles State Office Building was built on Washington Street in 1970. It was named for John Foster Dulles, a Watertown native who served as Secretary of State to Dwight Eisenhower. It houses New York State government offices for the northwest region of New York State. The eleven story building is Watertown's tallest structure.

The building's auditorium and lobby are host to many public and private functions throughout the year, including dances, symphony concerts and some notable yearly events, such as the Watertown Goes Green Irish Festival. This adjoining auditorium, which has 800 seats, was used for the Miss New York State Pageant until 2005, when the pageant was moved to Long Island.

To see some interactive panoramic photos from the very top of the Dulles State Office Building - the tallest building in Watertown - go to this link

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