Massey's tavern near the American Corner
Massey's tavern near the American Corner

Isaiah Massey, brother of Hart Massey, was one of Watertown's early settlers.

Massey was born in Salem, New Hampshire in 1778. In 1801, Massey followed his brother Hart and settled in Watertown. Massey acquired land in and around the American Corner. He opened the first medical office and first tavern in Watertown on the site of today's Woolworth Building. In 1805, Massey, along with other early settlers, donated his land at the center of the village for the creation of Public Square.

In 1806, Massey, along with other local physicians, started the Jefferson County Medical Society, for which Massey served as its first treasurer.

Massey later left Watertown, and settled in Jerseyville, Illinois, where he died in 1820 at the age of 42. Massey's tavern at the American Corner operated until 1827, when it was torn down to make way for the American House hotel.

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