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 +===== Court Street Fire of 2004 ===== 
 +\\ \\  A massive fire at [[Max_s_Outfitters|Max'​s Outfitters]] Court Street, on March 5th, 2004 totally destroyed the business and damaged the [[Second_Look_Bookstore|Second Look Bookstore]] and [[dr_Guitar|Dr. Guitar]], as well as a drapery store. [[Watertown_Fire_Department|Watertown Fire Department]] battled the raging fire and called in mutual aid from the [[Town_of_Watertown_Fire_Department|Town of Watertown Fire Department]] and [[Fort_Drum_Fire|Fort Drum Fire]], which had a larger ladder truck, and later around ten departments and an estimated hundred fifty firefighters fought it. The firefighters stopped it from spreading to other closely-built buildings on the block. Firefighters said a firewall protected other businesses in the same building, but a metal facade hampered access to the interior if the building. Arson was found to be the cause of the fire and an employee of [[Max_s_Outfitters|Max'​s Outfitters]],​ [[Kelly_Gleason-Tyo|Kelly Gleason-Tyo]],​ was arrested and took an [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Alford_plea|Alford (some call it Alfred) Plea]].\\ ​ {from [[http://​marcmny.tripod.com/​jeffco.htm|Marc'​s History of Jefferson County]]}\\ \\ [[Disasters_and_Catastrophes|Disasters and Catastrophes]]
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