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 +===== Court Street =====
 +\\ {{:​courtst.jpg|courtst.jpg}}Court Street in [[Watertown|Watertown]] runs from [[Public_Square|Public Square]] and ends at the [[Court_Street_Bridge|Court Street Bridge]] at the [[Black_River|Black River]]. The name Court Street derives from this street being home to the first Jefferson County Courthouse and Jail, which were built in 1805. It was the site of the first [[Jefferson_County_Fair|Jefferson County Fair]] in 1816. It continued to be called Court Street even after the [[Jefferson_County_Courthouse|county courthouse]] was moved to [[Arsenal_Street|Arsenal Street]] in 1862. 
 +| {{:​Court_Street-1910.jpg|Court_Street-1910.jpg}} |
 +| 1910 |
 +\\ \\  Court Street, which comprises part of the Downtown [[Watertown|Watertown]] district, has traditionally been one of Watertown'​s main business centers.Watertown'​s [[Great_Fire_of_1849|Great Fire of 1849]] destroyed much of Court Street, but was quickly rebuilt. In the 1960'​s,​ many of Court Street'​s 19th century buildings were demolished as part of the city's [[Urban_Renewal_in_Watertown|Urban Renewal]] program.\\ \\ \\ {{http://​i702.photobucket.com/​albums/​ww22/​JeffCoWikiPhotos/​Old_Photos_-_Marc/​CourtSt.jpg|external image CourtSt.jpg}}\\ \\  Notable Court Street Structures\\ [[Court_Street_Bridge|Court Street Bridge]]\\ [[Watertown_City_Hall|City Hall]]\\ [[Rothstock_Building|The Brighton]]\\ [[Hardiman_Hotel|Hardiman Hotel]]\\ [[Crowner_House|Crowner Hotel]]\\ [[Trinity_Episcopal|Trinity Episcopal Church]]\\ [[Safford_Block|Safford Block]]\\ \\ 
 +===== See Also =====
 +[[Watertown_Streets|Watertown Streets]]\\ \\ \\ 
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