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 +===== Cornwall Brothers Store =====
 +| [[http://​i702.photobucket.com/​albums/​ww22/​JeffCoWikiPhotos/​Jefferson_County/​Alex_Bay-Cornwall_brothers_1910.jpg|{{http://​i702.photobucket.com/​albums/​ww22/​JeffCoWikiPhotos/​Jefferson_County/​Alex_Bay-Cornwall_brothers_1910.jpg|Click to Enlarge}}]] |
 +| Click to Enlarge |
 +The Cornwall and Walton Store, located on Market Street in [[Alexandria_Bay|Alexandria Bay]], was built of stone in 1866. The store was built by Andrew Cornwall Sr. and John Walton. The structure replaced a wood framed store that was built by Walton'​s father and brother. The store boasted two facades, one facing the street and one facing the [[st_Lawrence_River|St. Lawrence River]], where boats could dock at the store'​s waterfront entrance.\\ \\  In 1877, the store was taken over by Cornwall'​s sons, and thereafter was known as the Cornwall Brothers Store. The brothers greatly expanded the street facade of the store, as the structure became dwarfed by the newly constructed [[Thousand_Islands_House|Thousand Islands House]] and [[Crossman_House|Crossman House]] hotels that were built on either side of the store.\\ \\  The Cornwall family operated the store well into the 1930'​s. After the store closed, the building was abandoned for many years. It was later restored and serves today as a picture museum, highlighting [[Alexandria_Bay|Alexandria Bay'​s]] role as a tourist destination in the [[Thousand_Islands|Thousand Islands]] region. The structure was added to the [[National_Register_of_Historic_Places|National Register of Historic Places]] in 1975.\\ \\ 
 +===== See Also =====
 +[[Stone_Buildings|Stone Buildings]]\\ [[Historic_Structures_in_Jefferson_County|Historic Structures in Jefferson County]]\\ \\ \\ 
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