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 +===== Coffeen Street =====
 +|{{:​Coffeen-fair.jpg|Coffeen-fair.jpg}} |
 +| Alex Duffy Fairgrounds |
 +Coffeen Street in [[Watertown|Watertown]] begins at [[Court_Street|Court Street]] and traverses west to the city limits. The street is designated as State Route 12F, and [[Interstate_Route_81|Interstate 81]] intersects the street just past the city limits. The street was named for [[Watertown|Watertown'​s]] first settler, [[Henry_Coffeen|Henry Coffeen]], who attempted to start a business district on lower Coffeen and its adjacent streets.\\ \\ 
 +|{{:​JCC_Quad.jpg|JCC_Quad.jpg}} |
 +| Jefferson Community College |
 +Much of Coffeen Street occupies an area known as the Sand Flats, where numerous Irish and Italian immigrants settled during the latter half of the 19th century. The street has maintained its residential character down to the present day, although some businesses occupy the street.\\ \\  Coffeen street today is the site of the [[Alex_Duffy_Fairgrounds|Alex Duffy Fairgrounds]],​ which is home to the [[Jefferson_County_Fair|Jefferson County Fair]], as well as [[Jefferson_Community_College|Jefferson Community College]]. The streets numerous residential buildings are interspersed with several small local businesses.\\ \\ 
 +===== See Also =====
 +[[Watertown_Streets|Watertown Streets]]
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