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 +====== Cleveland Funeral Home ======
 +|{{:​howard2a.jpg|howard2a.jpg}} |
 +| Howard M. Cleveland |
 +The Cleveland family has been in [[Watertown|Watertown'​s]] funeral business since the 1920's when Howard M Cleveland worked for the William D. Box Funeral Home on [[Stone_Street|Stone Street]] (most remember the building that housed that business as the large green house where The Beeper Place operated for years; the building was demolished in late 2007). {{:​home1small.jpg|home1small.jpg}}\\ \\  In 1952, the Cleveland Funeral Home opened in the 90-year-old building at Mullin and Sherman streets with Howard and son Harold W. Cleveland as proprietors.\\ \\  In 1968, the business merged with
 +|{{:​harold2.jpg|harold2.jpg}} |
 +| Harold W. Cleveland |
 + the Wilcox & McCallen Funeral Home. After the death of Harold Cleveland in 1970, the business was purchased by Phillip Spink and was renamed Cleveland-Spink Funeral Home. After Mr. Spink died, the business became Cleveland Miller, then H.D Miller Funeral Home under the ownership of Howard Miller.\\ \\ 
 +|{{:​lynn2a.jpg|lynn2a.jpg}} |
 +| Lynn Cleveland |
 + After H.D Miller went out of business, Lynn Cleveland became the third generation of the family to operate the Cleveland Funeral Home when he bought the property in 1996 and started a year-long renovation of the public areas of the building. Cleveland Services Medical Transport also operates out of the building.
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