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 +===== City Center Mall ===== 
 +\\ {{http://​i131.photobucket.com/​albums/​p290/​AJRII/​wikialbum/​CityCenterMall.jpg|external image CityCenterMall.jpg}}Built in 1970, the City Center Mall is located on lower [[Arsenal_Street|Arsenal Street]] in [[Watertown|Watertown]]. The structure was the end result of [[Urban_Renewal_in_Watertown|Urban Renewal]], a controversial movement by city officials to modernize the downtown area.\\ \\  The mall was most famously home to [[Frank_Winfield_Woolworth|Woolworth'​s]],​ which moved into the top floor of the new mall in 1971, leaving its [[Woolworth_Building|longtime home]] on [[Public_Square|Public Square]]. The bottom floor was occupied my numerous shops over the next 25 years.\\ \\  The mall was a popular shopping destination in [[Watertown|Watertown]] until the opening of the [[Salmon_Run_Mall|Salmon Run Mall]] in 1986. Many of the shops that occupied the mall's lower floor began closing their doors soon after, while Woolworth'​s,​ although still popular, would close their doors in 1996. The building would remain vacant for the next several years.\\ \\  In 2002, Stream, a company that operates several tech support call centers, announced it would be opening a new call center in the City Center Mall. Stream today employs several hundred people in the building'​s top floor, while shops and a bank occupy sections of the lower floor.
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