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 +===== Charles Ford House =====
 +| {{:​frdhsepic.jpg|frdhsepic.jpg}} |
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 +The Charles Ford House in [[LaFargeville|LaFargeville]] is a farmstead house that has been owned by the Ford Family since [[Jefferson_County|Jefferson County'​s]] earliest days.\\ \\  John Ford of Massachusetts,​ considered one of the land squatters in an area of the [[Orleans_Town|Town of Orleans]] known as [[Penet_s_Square|Penet'​s Square]], built the rear portion of the present house in 1820. In 1900, Ford's grandson, Charles, built a Queen Anne style timber dwelling to the front of John Ford's original house.\\ \\  The Charles Ford House was listed on the [[National_Register_of_Historic_Places|National Register of Historic Places]] in 1996.\\ \\ \\ 
 +===== See Also =====
 +[[Historic_Structures_in_Jefferson_County|Historic Structures in Jefferson County]]\\ \\ \\ 
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