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 +===== CAPT. ELIAS GETMAN =====
 +| {{:​n575620658_2888404_874585.jpg|n575620658_2888404_874585.jpg}} |
 +| Elias Getman monument located at Oakwood Cemetery, Theresa. |
 +Son of Jacob and Lena (Suits) Getman, Elias was born August 1, 1824, in Fulton County, N. Y. He learned the carpenter'​s trade with the late Amaziah Ellis, of Plessis. He was very successful as a contractor and builder.\\ \\  He married, September 26, 1846, Sophia Evans, daughter of Columbus Evans, of Alexandria. Four children were born to them: Edgar, Edward, Edwin and Edson (four E's). Edwin died in infancy. The other three became know as the firm of Getman Bros., proprietors of the Getman House at [[Theresa|Theresa]],​ and the [[American_House|American House]] at Canton.\\ \\ 
 +| {{:​Theresa_Getman_House.jpg|Theresa_Getman_House.jpg}} |
 +| Getman House, Theresa |
 +In August, 1862, Mr. Getman enlisted in Co. F, 10th New York Heavy Artillery, and in September following was commissioned second lieutenant. Amoung the battles in which he particpated where those of Petersburg, Cold Harbor and Bermuda Hundred. He was popular with those under his command, as well as with his superiors, and for executive ability, untiring fidelity to every duty, he was soon promoted and commissioned as captain of Co. A, of the same regiment. After the close of the war he was retained for special service for some months at Petersburg, returning to his [[Redwood|Redwood]] home in the fall of 1865.\\ \\  In the spring of 1866 he purchased the old brick hotel at Theresa, and with the assistance of his wife Sophia, at once transformed its interior into one of the most popular hostelries in Northern New York. He was buried with Masonic honors, on which occasion was assembled the largest Masonic body ever congregated in the town.\\ \\ 
 +===== See Also =====
 +[[Jefferson_County_Pioneers|Jefferson County Pioneers]]\\ \\ \\ \\  Photo and article information courtesy of [[http://​perceptionphotography.biz/​blog/​|Hope Marshall]].\\ \\ 
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