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 +===== Buttermilk Flat Schoolhouse No. 22 =====
 +|{{:​buttermilkflatsroad.jpg|buttermilkflatsroad.jpg}} |
 +| Courtesy of the OABONNY (http://​oabonny.com) |
 +The Schoolhouse on Buttermilk Flat Road in the [[Orleans_(Town)|Town of Orleans]] was built in the 1850'​s. It was one of many one room schoolhouses that dotted rural [[Orleans_(Town)|Orleans]] during the 19th century. The building is significant because it is the one of two remaining schoolhouses in [[Orleans_(Town)|Orleans]] sitting on their original site. The interior of the building has also remained unchanged since it was used as a school.\\ \\  The schoolhouse still stands, although it has remained abandoned since it ceased being a school in the 1930'​s. The structure was listed on the [[National_Register_of_Historic_Places|National Register of Historic Places]] in 1996.\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +===== See Also =====
 +[[National_Register_of_Historic_Places|National Register of Historic Places]]\\ [[Historic_Structures_in_Jefferson_County|Historic Structures in Jefferson County]]\\ ​
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