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 + This one'll kill you--if you're one of hundreds who've spent time downtown and never noticed that the seven raised blocks along the top of the Burdick building have letters on them that spell out "​B-U-R-D-I-C-K"​\\ \\ {{:​ScreenHunter_07_Feb_14_1946.jpg|ScreenHunter_07_Feb_14_1946.jpg}}{{:​Compilation.jpg|Compilation.jpg}}\\ \\  The Burdick Building was built on lower Franklin Street in 1893. Long the home of many business and apartments, the building underwent a historical restoration in the 1990's as is now home to [[Neighbors_of_Watertown|Neighbors of Watertown]],​ a few small businesses and several apartments.\\ \\ \\ {{:​Newest_Oct_2009_044.jpg|Newest_Oct_2009_044.jpg}}\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ [[Historic_Structures_in_Watertown|Historic Structures in Watertown]]
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