Brownville Paper Company

Also Brownville Specialty Company

1.jpg This office is just under Patty Hill next to the bridge

The Brownville Paper Company was started in September of 1892 by C.H. Remington and J.M. Gamble and was incorporated the following year.

Inside one of the work rooms at the mill. About late 1970's.

The mill has buildings associated with it on either side of the Black River in Brownville.

Over the years is has been known by a number of different names and has had it's share of problems.

In 1988 the 'Boise Cascade Specialty Mill' closed, taking with it many jobs. In 1991 three local businessmen formed 'Brownville Specialty Paper Products' and bought the mill, and in 2001 the Fibermark company acquired the Brownville mill. Fibermark is now in the process of phasing out papermaking operations at the 123,000 square foot Brownville mill; which will leave many without jobs, but it will continue it's paperconverting at the mill (paperconverting is making paper products from rolls of paper created elsewhere).

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