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 +===== Brownville ===== 
 +\\  Named after [[Jacob_Jennings_Brown|General Jacob Jennings Brown]]. Nearby is [[Glen_Park|Glen Park]], [[Dexter|Dexter]],​ and [[Watertown|Watertown]].\\ \\  The year 1799 saw the town of Brownville settled by pioneer [[Jacob_Jennings_Brown|Jacob Brown]], who had been sent as [[James_D_LeRay|James D. LeRay]]'​s agent, as well as Brown'​s wife Pamelia (Williams), and his extended family. Brown was a Quaker from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The town of Brownville at that time included all of present Brownville, as well as [[Pamelia|Pamelia]],​ [[Lyme|Lyme]],​ [[Cape_Vincent|Cape Vincent]], [[Clayton|Clayton]],​ [[Orleans|Orleans]],​ and a part of the [[Alexandria_town|Town of Alexandria]].\\ \\  In the 1800's the state road was extended from Brownville to [[Cape_Vincent|Cape Vincent]]. [[Jacob_Jennings_Brown|General Jacob Jennings Brown]] built a sawmill in 1800, too, and in 1801 a small grist mill at the mouth of [[Philomel_Creek|Philomel Creek]].\\ \\  On April 3, 1821, the towns of Brownville and [[LeRay_town|LeRay]] gave birth to the towns of [[Alexandria_town|Alexandria]],​ [[Philadelphia_town|Philadelphia]],​ and [[Orleans_town|Orleans]] (the latter created wholly from the town of Brownville).\\ \\  Remington Brothers built the first streetcar line from [[Watertown|Watertown]] to Brownville, and five years later extended it to [[Dexter|Dexter]]. Trolleys ran in the city of Watertown from 1899 to 1937.\\ \\  The [[Brownville_Paper_Company|Brownville Paper Company]] was organized in September of 1892 by J. Munson Gamble and Charles H. Remington, and the company was incorporated the next year.\\ \\  On April 1st, 1946, Samuel Upham, Watertown philanthropist,​ bought the [[General_Jacob_Brown_Mansion|Brown Mansion]] and gave it to the village of Brownville. Since then it has been used as a museum, library, civic center and village meeting place. (add this to brown mansion too maybe?)\\ \\  A new high school was built in 1956 near [[Dexter|Dexter]] for the 1954 merger of the Brownville-[[Glen_Park|Glen Park]] and [[Dexter|Dexter]] school districts (see [[General_Brown_Central_School|General Brown Central School]]). This was enlarged in 1960 and the elementary school in Brownville was enlarged in 1964.\\ \\  Today, [[Watertown|Watertown]]'​s suburbs reach well into the town of Brownville.\\ \\ \\ //Need photo(s) here.//\\ \\ \\  Also see:\\ [[Jacob_Jennings_Brown|General Jacob Jennings Brown]]\\ [[General_Jacob_Brown_Mansion|General Jacob Brown Mansion]]\\ [[General_Brown_Central_School|General Brown Central School]]\\ [[Genter_&​_Brennon'​s|Genter & Brennon'​s Store]]\\ [[Brownville_Fire_Department|Brownville Fire Department]]\\ [[Brownville_Cheese_Factory|Brownville Cheese Factory]]\\ [[Brownville_Hotel|Brownville Hotel]]\\ [[Brownville_Paper_Company|Brownville Paper Company]]\\ [[Mary_Farmer|Mary Farmer]]\\ \\ [[http://​history.rays-place.com/​ny/​brownville-ny.htm|Brownville History from Ray's Place]]\\ \\
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