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 +===== Bethany United Methodist Church ===== 
 +\\ {{:​bethany.jpg|bethany.jpg}}The Bethany United M.E. Church at 214 West Lynde Street in Watertown is the third chuch structure to stand at that location.\\ \\  The first Bethany Chapel, built in 1891 to accomodate the overflowing congregations of both the [[First_United_Methodist|Arsenal Street]] and [[State_Street_Methodist|State Street]] Methodist Churches, stood on West Main Street, near the intersection of Edmund St., the present location of the California Fruit Market.\\ \\  Bethany Methodist Episcopal was organized as a separate church in 1894. In 1904, the chapel was physically moved to the West Lynde Street location.\\ \\ \\  In 1924, it was decided to construct a new church on the West Lynde St. site. The new church was built by the LW Charlebois Construction Company at a cost of $34,900. The old church was moved to the rear of the property, and eventually dismantled. The new church was dedicated in December, 1929.\\ \\  A new structure was constructed in the late 1980'​s,​ at a location which was east of the previous structure. The 1929 building was razed in December, 1988.\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\  
 +===== See Also ===== 
 +[[Watertown_Churches|Watertown Churches]]\\ [[http://​watertownbethanyumc.org/​|Bethany United Methodist Website]]\\ \\ \\ \\ 
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