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 +====== Arsenal Street ======
 +//Click here to see the [[Arsenal_Street_Numbers|Arsenal Street Numbers]] detail page//\\ \\ 
 +|{{:​arsenal_traffic.jpeg|arsenal_traffic.jpeg}} |
 +| Heavy traffic exiting Arsenal Street onto Public Square. |
 +Arsenal Street is the busiest street in [[Watertown|Watertown]],​ and has a multitude of businesses and eateries, as well as the [[Salmon_Run_Mall|Salmon Run Mall]].\\ \\  Arsenal Street begins at [[Public_Square|Public Square]], and stretches to the city limits and beyond. Arsenal Street comprises [[State_Route_3|State Route 3]], and [[Interstate_Route_81|Interstate 81]] intersects the street just past the city limits.\\ \\  Arsenal Street was originally known as Columbia Street. It soon acquired its current name when an [[the_Armory|Armory]] (a military station used for arms and ammunition storage) was built.\\ \\ 
 +| [[http://​i702.photobucket.com/​albums/​ww22/​JeffCoWikiPhotos/​Jefferson_County/​arsenalstreet1915.jpg|{{http://​i702.photobucket.com/​albums/​ww22/​JeffCoWikiPhotos/​Jefferson_County/​arsenalstreet1915.jpg|Lower Arsenal 1915}}]] |
 +| Lower Arsenal 1915 |
 +Arsenal Street soon became an important business district, and many business occupied the street almost from the beginning. In 1849, much of Arsenal Street was [[Great_Fire_of_1849|destroyed by fire]], but was quickly rebuilt. Since the 1860'​s,​ Arsenal has been the center of [[Jefferson_County|Jefferson County]] business and government, with the building of the [[Jefferson_County_Courthouse|county courthouse]] and county office buildings, as well Watertown'​s first [[Watertown_Post_Office|Post Office]] building.\\ \\  The expansion of outer Arsenal Street began in the mid to late 19th century, with the arrival of Irish, then Italian immigrants, who settled on a section of Arsenal and Coffeen Streets known as the Sand Flats. Arsenal Street at this time comprised two sections. Lower Arsenal from [[Public_Square|Public Square]] to Massey Street remained a business and government center, while outer Arsenal comprised a residential district. This configuration lasted for more than a century.\\ \\  Things began to change for Arsenal Street in the early 1960's with the arrival of [[Interstate_Route_81|Interstate 81]]. Businesses started being built to accomodate road traffic, notably small shopping centers and two new hotels. In the late 1960'​s,​ many of lower Arsenal Street'​s historic buildings were demolished during the city's [[Urban_Renewal_in_Watertown|Urban Renewal]] program.\\ \\ 
 +| [[http://​i702.photobucket.com/​albums/​ww22/​JeffCoWikiPhotos/​Jefferson_County/​mallarial.png|{{http://​i702.photobucket.com/​albums/​ww22/​JeffCoWikiPhotos/​Jefferson_County/​mallarial.png|Arial View I-81 and Salmon Run Mall}}]] |
 +| Arial View I-81 and Salmon Run Mall |
 +The expansion of [[Fort_Drum|Fort Drum]] in the 1980's saw the biggest change to Arsenal Street, with the building of numerous eateries, hotels and the [[Salmon_Run_Mall|Salmon Run Mall]]. What once comprised Arsenal'​s historically residential area soon became [[Watertown|Watertown'​s]] main shopping destination. The road itself was reconstructed with additional traffic lanes to accomodate the influx of cars, while lower Arsenal, traditionally a one way thouroughfare from Massey Street to [[Public_Square|Public Square]], was converted to two lanes to accomodate the increase in traffic.\\ \\  In the 2000'​s,​ another expansion at [[Fort_Drum|Fort Drum]] caused development to push farther out Arsenal Street as never before. New shopping plazas, restaurants and hotels were added to the already congested street, while the bridge that spanned over [[Interstate_Route_81|Interstate 81]] was torn down and rebuilt, adding an additional 3 lanes to accomodate ever increasing traffic.\\ \\ \\ 
 +==== Notable Structures on Arsenal Street ====
 +====   ====
 +[[Jefferson_County_Office_Building|Jefferson County Office Building]]\\ [[Jefferson_County_Courthouse|Jefferson County Courthouse]]\\ [[Watertown_Post_Office|Watertown Post Office]]\\ [[The_Avon|The Avon Theater]]\\ [[Sullivan_Building|The Flat Iron Building]]\\ [[American_Hotel|The American Hotel]]\\ [[Otis_House|The Otis House]]\\ [[Salmon_Run_Mall|The Salmon Run Mall]]\\ [[The_Armory|The Armory]]\\ [[Arsenal_st_School|Arsenal Street School]]\\ [[First_United_Methodist|United Methodist Church]]\\ [[st_Anthony_s_Church|St. Anthony'​s Church]]\\ \\ 
 +|{{:​arsenal2.jpg|arsenal2.jpg}} |
 +| Outer Arsenal Street |
 +|{{:​wat_Custom).jpg/​32696016/​210x161/​wat_Custom).jpg|wat_Custom).jpg}} |
 +| Going towards Outer Arsenal |
 +\\ \\ 
 +===== See Also =====
 +[[Watertown_Streets|Watertown Streets]]
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