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 +===== American Channel ===== 
 +\\  The channel in the [[Thousand_Islands|Thousand Islands Region]] of the [[st_Lawrence_River|St. Lawrence River]] between [[Wellesley_Island|Wellesley Island]] and the mainland in the [[Alexandria_Bay|Alex Bay]] area.\\ \\  
 +===== Also see: ===== 
 +[[Pirate_Bill_Johnston|Pirate Bill Johnston]]\\ [[Alexandria_Bay|Alexandria Bay]]\\ [[Clayton|Clayton]]\\ [[Wellesley_Island|Wellesley Island]]\\ [[Grindstone_Island|Grindstone Island]]\\ [[Boldt_Castle|Hart Island/​Boldt Castle]]\\ [[Thousand_Islands_Bridge|Thousand Islands Bridge]]\\ [[Thousand_Islands|Thousand Islands]]\\ [[st_Lawrence_River|St. Lawrence River]]\\ [[http://​nnytrails.freehostia.com/​map7.htm|Minna Common Nature Center Trails]]
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