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 +===== Alexandria Bay ===== 
 +\\  Sometimes known as 'Alex Bay' or even '​A-Bay',​ it is in the heart of the [[Thousand_Islands|Thousand Islands]].\\ \\  The village lies in the Town of Alexandria and was founded in 1817.\\ \\  Ten days every August in [[Alexandria_Bay|Alexandria Bay]] are designated "Bill Johnston'​s Pirate Days". This is a festival with professional performers as well as locals and visitors dressing in pirate costumes acting out battles or just walking around, and also displays relating to the period. \\ \\  More info needs to be added here.\\ \\  See Also:\\ [[Thousand_Islands|Thousand Islands]]\\ [[Pirate_Bill_Johnston|Pirate Bill Johnston]]\\ [[Wellesley_Island|Wellesley Island]]\\ [[Thousand_Islands_Bridge|Thousand Islands Bridge]]\\ \\ \\ \\ \\  \ \\ [[http://​www.statcounter.com/​|{{http://​c38.statcounter.com/​3406452/​0/​44201872/​1/​|best counter}}]]
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