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 +===== The Alex Duffy Fairgrounds ===== 
 + ​(formerly the Watertown Fairgrounds)\\ \\  The Jefferson County Fairgrounds is composed of sixty-seven acres of land with an ice arena (which doubles as a community building) and miscellaneous buildings for the fair, a picnic area with a play area, a pool, a nature trail, a lighted baseball field with covered bleachers, softball fields and multi-purpose fields, a horse ring, a volleyball and a Bocci ball court, and is the major recreational facility of [[Watertown|Watertown]]. Over 150,000 people attend events at the fairgrounds the year round.\\ \\  Need pictures here.\\ \\  Also see:\\ [[Alex_Duffy|Alex Duffy]]\\ [[Jefferson_County_Fair|Jefferson County Fair]]\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\  \ \\ [[http://​www.statcounter.com/​|{{http://​c38.statcounter.com/​3406452/​0/​44201872/​1/​|best counter}}]]
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