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 +====== Alex Duufy ====== 
 +{{:​alexpduffy.jpg|alexpduffy.jpg}}\\ \\  Alex Duffy was nicknamed "Mr Watertown."​ He was born in [[Watertown|Watertown]] January 7 1900, one of six Irish-American children born to Stuart and Anna (O'​Neil) Duffy.\\ \\  He was often called upon to lecture on [[Watertown|Watertown]] history. One old publication described him as a man who occupied a most prominent place in the golden era of the Fancy (cochin chicken) and was given the nickname of "​Fluffy Duffy."​ More than a poultry fancier, Mr Duffy created personal '​monuments'​ throughout the north country during a nearly 60 year career as a stone mason.\\ \\  Mr Duffy served as president of the Jefferson County Agriculture Society for 29 years, an all-time record. He was a past president of the NY State Association of Fairs and first showed poultry at the NY State Fair in [[Syracuse|Syracuse]] NY. As a breeder of poultry he won national recognition and displayed his first poultry in [[Jefferson_County|Jefferson County]] in 1913 at the [[Jefferson_County_Fair|Jefferson County Fair]].\\ \\  Projects with the Duffy touch range from fireplaces in private homes to the [[Frank_Winfield_Woolworth|Woolworth]] and [[Howland_s_Department_Store|Howland'​s Department Stores]], the [[Court_Street_Bridge|Court Street Bridge]] and the stone piers at [[Thompson_Park|Thompson Park Circle]].\\ \\  Alex Duffy has received numerous awards and honors. A few years ago the Watertown Fairgrounds were named the [[Alex_Duffy_Fairgrounds|Alex Duffy Fairgrounds]]. The road where Mr Duffy resided also bears his name. St Lawrence University honored him with a North Country Citizen Citation, and he was officially recognized for humanitarian service to his fellow man.\\ \\  (The preceding was taken from the [[http://​www.watertown-ny.gov/​parks/​pralexduffy.html|City of Watertown Alex Duffy Fairgrounds]] website)\\ \\ {{:​alexpduffy2.jpg|alexpduffy2.jpg}}\\ ​ Also see:\\ [[Jefferson_County_Fair|Jefferson County Fair]]\\ [[Alex_Duffy_Fairgrounds|Alex Duffy Fairgrounds]]\\ [[Jefferson_County_Agriculture_Society|Jefferson County Agriculture Society]]\\ \\  ​
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