District School no. 4

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At one time this was a one room school house in Rutland Center. It has now been torn down. They were still holding classes in the 1950's and later, it was one of the last schools of it's kind to close in Jefferson County.
On entering the front door to one side was a bathroom of sorts which once inside resembled an out side toilet. Also on the other side was the cloak room. In the entry way hung a long rope attached to the bell on top of the roof in the bell housing. The teacher would ring the bell when school started and ended also at recess time. The room straight ahead was the main class room with desks on both sides of the isle. The teacher sat at a desk in the front of the room before a large chalkboard. There also was a wood stove on legs which was used to heat the room in winter. The first graders sat on the left close to the front followed by second and third grade. The older children sat on the right.
When students got up to a certain grade they were then sent to a larger school to finish grades 10 through 12. One teacher was all that was needed. And in the 1950's her name was Elizabeth Cooke. She was the last teacher to teach school there.

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