Town of Wilna

The Town of Wilna was formed from part of the Towns of LeRay and Leyden (in Lewis County) in 1813.

Early Settlement

(The following excerpt taken from Our County And Its People: A Descriptive Work on Jefferson County, New York; Edited by Edgar C. Emerson, The Boston History Company,1898.)

Wilna, which was formed from LeRay and Leyden in 1813, and comprised lands from both the Chassanis tract and great lot No. 4 of the Macomb Purchase. As the story is told at length in the history of the town, settlement in Wilna was begun on the site of Carthage by Henry Boutin, one of the French company, with intention to found a village; and while that work was soon accomplished, few of the French settlers were concerned in it, and the honor in fact fell to the sturdy American pioneers.

Cities, Villages and Hamlets

Carthage (village)
Deferiet (village)
Herrings (village)
Natural Bridge (hamlet)

Also see
Lost Villages (A portion of the town of Wilna wa absorbed by the expansion of Fort Drum, leaving many villages and hamlets abandoned.)

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