Washington Street

Looking up Washington Street from Public Square
Looking up Washington Street from Public Square
Washington Street in Watertown begins at Public Square and traverses south to the city limits. The street was names for U.S. president George Washington.
Lower Washington Street c.1920
Lower Washington Street c.1920
The street comprises US Route 11. The street was originally known as Green Alley, a pathway that led from the village center to Hart Massey's original landholdings, which fronted the street.

Washington Street was traditionally a residential boulevard. This tradition started with Hart Massey's second home, which he built in 1803. Throughout the 19th century, Washington Street became lined with the spacious mansions of Watertown's wealthiest and most influential citizens. The lower part of Washington near Public Square, from the earliest days, served as the city's banking center, a distinction that it carries today.

Washington Street's character was much altered during the 20th century. While a few 19th century residences remain, most of Washington Street today is lined with modern commercial architecture. Washington Street has become Watertown's main site for medical services, as numerous medical office buildings, and Samaritan Medical Center, occupy much of the street. Today, Washington Street is a mixture of businesses and residences. It is also the site of city and state government offices.
Flower Library and City Hall
Flower Library and City Hall

Notable Washington Street Structures

First Presbyterian
Carriage House Inn
White House Inn
Agricultural Building
Black River Valley Club
Jefferson County Savings Bank
Dulles State Office Building
Marble Block
Hungerford Mansion
Hart Massey House
Henry Keep Home
Paddock Mansion
Roswell P. Flower Statue
Flower Memorial Library
Masonic Temple
Watertown High School
City Hall
House of the Good Samaritan

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