The Murder of Beatrice Percy and Paul Williams by Charles Fedora

In January of 1986 at 306 Gale Street in Watertown, elderly sister and brother Beatrice G. Percy, 73, and her brother Paul G. Williams, 69, were murdered at the home they shared. They were brutally beaten and stabbed and Ms. Percy was strangled as well.

Both Beatrice and Paul were born in New York to Edgar and Gertrude Williams. They also had sisters Erva & Ruth. Paul was a P F C in World War 2. Beatrice was married to David Lawrence Percy and when he died she went to live with her brother Paul. Both are buried in the Dexter Cemetery.

Charles Fedora, their neighbor, was arrested after he sold a ring which had been stolen during the murder. Fedora was sentenced to 30 years at his first trial in May 1986. He later won an appeal with a new trial. In May 1990 he was sentenced to 50 years.

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