Many street names had to be changed after North Watertown and Juhelville were both annexed into the city of Watertown in 1869.

Alexandria Ave
Lawrence Ave.
Renamed 1948
Arch Street
Liberty Street

Arsenal St.
Columbia St
Renamed due to location of the armory (also called "the arsenal)

Foster St
West from Massey St to City Limits
Barben Ave.
Elm St.
Renamed in 1920 in honor of Walter Barben, first Jefferson County soldier killed in World War I
Black River Pkwy.
City Center Dr.
Runs along path of old railroad tracks
Bellew Ave.
Ash St.

Bradley St.
Angel St.
Edmund St.

Breen Ave.
Walden Ave.
Lacey Avenue
Hewitt Street

Bronson St.
Sewall St.

California Ave.
Dewey Ave.

Cayuga Ave.
Central Ave.
Renamed to avoid confusion with Central St. in late 1940s.
Central St.
Hannibal Street
1844 to 1881
Coffeen St.
Court St.
Coffeen near old jail was part of Court St.
Coleman Ave
Smith Ave

Cooper St.
N. Sherman St.
Renamed after 1869 annexation.
Court St.
Old State Road
Part of western path of State Road to Sackets Harbor
Eddy St.
Duprey St.

Elm St.
Washington Ave.
(see Barben Ave.)
Emerson Street
Lamon Street
From Mechanic to High streets: "Lamon Alley" before that. Became Emerson St. in 1948
Emerson Street
Sherman St.
From High to Rutland. This block became Emerson in 1881
Emmett Street
O'Connell's Alley
From Breen to Bellew
Factory Square
Factory Village
Factory Village was a hamlet annexed by Watertown 1831
Franklin St.
Woodruff Rd.

Flower Ave. West
Baker St.

Flower Ave. East
Munson St.
From Washington to Gotham
Flower Ave. East
Elizabeth St.
From Gotham to Academy
Gale St.
Elm St.
Renamed after 1869 annexation.
Gilbert St.
East Bradley St.

Gill St.
Dewey St.

Gotham St.
Jay St.
(First two blocks only)
Green St.
School St.

Hamilton St. N.
Canal Street

Haney St.
French St.

High St.
Weaver St.

Hycliff Drive N & S.
Prospect Ave. N & S.
Changed in 1948
Indiana Ave N.
Wilson Avenue
From railroad tracks to Huntington St. "N. Indiana Ave" from State Street to the tracks established in 1898 by the Watertown Land Co. as part of the "State Street Addition" Renaming date of entire street is unclear
Indiana Ave S.
Wilson Street
From State to Academy Street. Renamed in 1900. Academy to the park added in 1910.
Marshall Place
Jackson St.
Between Court and [railroad tracks]. "Restricted to pedestrian traffic - Court St. for 156' Northeasterly - Res. 6/7/1971" BETWEEN GLOBE STORE and LIBERTY PLAZA
Keyes Ave.
Hamilton St.
Renamed 1865
Knickerbocker Drive
Hamilton St. S.
Between Gotham Street and Ward Street; 1953
Lachenauer Drive
Rosewood Drive Michail Drive
Combined and accepted, renamed, 1967
Massey St. North
Madison St.
Originally known as Madison Square
Main Ave.
Front St.
Top of hill to Main St. West
Main St. East
E. Centre St.
Between North (Mill) St and East St. after 1869 annexation.
Main St. East
Ridge St.
From East St east (renamed after 1869 annexation.)
Main St. West
Railroad St.
From New York Ave. to city limits. One block of Railroad St. remains, between New York Ave. and Cayuga Ave.
Main St. West
Evans St.
Between Leray St and North (Mill) Streets.
Massey St N.
Madison Square
Between Coffeen and Arsenal St.
Mill St.
North St.
Renamed after 1869 annexation.
Morrison St.
Angle St.

Olive St
Center St

Park Ave.
E. Woodruff St.

Parker St.
Park St.

Pearl St
East Factory St.
Renamed after 1869 annexation.
Pleasant St. South
Grant St.

Portage St.
Maple St.

Pratt St.
Grove St.
1852-1949 Washington to Sherman. Sold to Samaritan Med. 1981
Public Square
Washington Place
West side of square only to Washington
Public Square
The Mall

Rexford Place
Massey Avenue
Changed 1942. It was Taylor Place until 1842
Sherman St.
Benedict St.
Between Arsenal and Stone; changed in 1832 from Prospect St. to Benedict. Changed to Sherman Street in 1942.
Sherman St.
Trinity Place
Between Stone and Clinton; changed from Benedict St. to Trinity Place in 1888. Changed to Sherman Street in 1942.
Swan Street
Duprey Street

St. Mary St.
Elm St.
First block only; changed in 1888
Sunset Ridge
Ridge Road
Renamed 1957
TenEyck Street
Kirby St.
Between Washington and Holcomb; changed in 1850.
Thompson Blvd.
Thompson Ave
From State to Academy Circle

Todd St N
From Academy Circle to Franklin St

Todd St S
From Franklin St to Gotham St.
Thompson St.
Munson St.
Renamed after 1869 annexation.
Washington St.
Green Alley
Lower Washington around early Massey settlement.
Willow St.
Grave St.
Next to the City Burying Grounds (Arsenal St. Cemetery)
Winthrop St.
Sterling Place
Section consisting Sterling Mansion/Holy Family School

Streets that no longer exist

Street Name
Anthony St.
The piece that's officially left is from Public Square to JB Wise lot and was "The Archway" of the old Hotel Woodruff. The rest of the street became J.B. Wise Place in 1863. It was Bagg's Lane before it was Anthony St.
Avon Place
Formerly Opera House Place, from 146 Arsenal St north to Court.
Eames Street
Formerly Furnace Road. Westerly off Mill Street. The Eames Vacuum Brake Company was purchased and eventually became NY Air Brake.
Edmund St.

Jackman St.
Between Arsenal and Court; abandoned in 1968
LaFayette St.
Abandoned 1986
Lepper St.
Ran from Newell Street to Coffeen; renamed N. Meadow St. in 1848. It was Wilson St. before Lepper
Princeton Street
Colorado Ave to and East of Eastern Blvd. Sold 1981
River St.
Ran from Arch Street to Mill; renamed Newell St. in 1952
Terminal Place
Ran from Mill St. to "The Archway" of the Hotel Woodruff; became J.B. Wise Place (along with Anthony St.), 1963.
Wall St.
Ran from Moulton Street to Front Street

In 1912, the City Council ordered the Board of Public Works to cease duplicating the names of streets by the substitution, for instance of "avenue" for "street." It further suggested that new names be chosen for those streets that already were duplicates. Academy St. and Academy Pl., Clinton St. and Clinton Ave., East Street and East Avenue; Mead Street and Mead Ave.; Park St., Park Ave. and Park Place; Pearl St. and Pearl Ave., and also suggested that continuous streets bearing different names, such as Benedict St., Trinity Place and Sherman street should be avoided, with 'one [name] sufficing for the thoroughfare."

In 1925, the Watertown Chamber of Commerce proposed changing the names of a great number of city streets. Their arguments were that duplicate and similar sounding street names caused confusion for deliverymen and postal carriers, and also caused delays fire department response The changes were, for the most part, rejected. The street names and their rejected replacements are:

Academy Place to School Place
Boyd Place to Burnette Place
Central Avenue to Spring Street or Coolidge Avenue
Clinton Avenue to Diamond Street or James Street
Dewey Avenue to Manila Street or Genesee Avenue
East Street to Eagle Street
Emerson Place to Wilson Place or Carson Street
Flower Street to Dale Street
Glenn Avenue to Cherry Street
Haney Street to Bundy Street
Lawrence Avenue to Beech Street
Main Avenue to West Moulton Street or Wise Avenue
Massey Avenue to Harding Street
Meade Avenue to Kelsey Avenue
Park Avenue to Roosevelt Street
Park Place to Herald Place or Post Office Place
Park Street to McKinley Street or Roosevelt Avenue
Pearl Avenue to Adams Street or Pinnacle Avenue or Tower Avenue
Prospect Avenue to Hill Street or Hill Road
Smith Avenue to Garden Street or Oneida Street
State Place to Oneida Street or Euclid Avenue
State Street to Globe Street or Bell Street or Page Street
Sterling Place to Church Place
Thompson Avenue to Walnut Street
Washington Avenue to Vista Street

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