Notable Personalities and Famous People - Living and Dead

in Jefferson County, NY

These are some of Jefferson County's Living Personalities:

Darrel J. Aubertine
New York State Senator, long-time dairy farmer, state agriculture commissioner

Joe Bouchard
Bassist, keyboardist, trumpeter, songwriter, bassist for Blue Öyster Cult

Albert Bouchard
Drummer, guitarist, singer, songwriter and founding member of Blue Öyster Cult

Delos Cosgrove, M.D.
Chief heart surgeon for the Cleveland Clinic

Jeff Graham
Mayor, radio personality, business owner

Richard Grieco

Mary Margaret Humes
A runner-up for Miss America and actress

Judge Kim Martusewicz
Well-known local judge and native of Jefferson County.

"Barefoot" Bob McCreadie
Stock car driver

Tim McCreadie
Stock car driver, "Barefoot" Bob's son

John M. McHugh
Local Republican politician, former U.S. Congressman, appointed to the position of United States Secretary of the Army by President Obama in 2009.

Viggo Mortenson

Eugene Mosher
Pioneer in human/computer interaction devices & methods

Mark Neveldine
Actor, cinematographer, directory

Matt Puccia
Crew Chief of the No. 99 Northern Tool & Equipment Ford F-150

Joe Rich
Longtime local radio and TV newscaster-turned-co-founder and longtime executive director of Disabled Persons Action Organization

Maggie Rizer
Internationally-known High Fashion Model, AIDS activist, actress

Savanna Samson (Natalie Skeldon Oliveros)
Exotic Dancer, Porn-star, tv and radio personality

Stephen Smith
Local Internet newsperson, owner of the innovative and popular website

Dave Trembley
Manager of the Baltimore Orioles

T. Urling Walker
Two-time mayor of Watertown, community leader

These are some of Jefferson County's Dead Personalities:

Henry H. Babcock
His company built cars. Also last president of the village of Watertown, lawyer, banker, entrepreneur and owner of the Babcock Body Company and the Babcock Carriage Company.

Eugenie Besserer
Stage actress (born December 25, 1868 in Watertown, died May 30, 1934 in Los Angeles, California)

George Boldt
Built Boldt Castle

Joseph Bonaparte

Danny Burgess
Longtime local TV program host and weatherman.

Chauncey Calhoun
Early settler, carpenter and joiner on some of Watertown's earliest structures and at Madison Barracks.

Clifford Carr
Well-known and well-liked local stock car driver, and one of the oldest.

Huckleberry Charlie
Local well-known personality who sold huckleberries and newspapers.

Henry Coffeen

Ernest Cook
Local journalist and genealogy writer.

Lance G. "Tex" Corrigan
Watertown's Cowboy

Melvil Dewey
Inventor of the Dewey Decimal System

Alex "Mr. Watertown" Duffy

Allen W. Dulles

John Foster Dulles
Secretary of State under Dwight D. Eisenhower

Frank A. Empsall

Frederick Exley

Roswell P. Flower
NY Governor and Wall Street Scion

John Gary (b.Nov 29, 1932 d.Jan 04, 1998)

Samuel Guthrie, MD
Inventor of Chloroform, of "the process by which potato starch could be rapidly converted into molasses", and of the Forerunner Of The Percussion Cap [1782-1848]

James Hackett
Famous Shakespearean Actor

Robert Hitchcock
Hitchcock Oil Lamp Inventor

Marietta Holley (1836-1926)
Author. Wrote under the sobriquet of Josiah Allen's Wife, author of the famed "Samantha..." books

Don Hopkins
Longtime local TV newscaster

Orville Hungerford

Walter Hunt
Safety Pin Inventor

Pirate Bill Johnston

Henry Keep
Railroad Magnate and Financier

Robert Lansing
Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson

Peter Ligammari

Anthony (Tony) Malara
Local broadcast personality

Hart Massey

Scotty Mattraw
Owned a place called Scotty's Eatable Eats in Watertown and later left for Hollywood and became an actor.

Jennie M Walker MacMillan
From Glen Park. First elected woman police justice in New York State.

J. Sterling Morton
Founder of Arbor Day, born in Adams

George Neher (Nair)
Longtime local radio announcer

Elihu Root
Secretary of State under Theodore Roosevelt

James Sterling - "Iron Baron"

Bob Tompkins
Longtime local TV newscaster

James B. Wise
Industrialist, Founder of Watertown Red and Black, Mayor of Watertown

Frank Winfield Woolworth

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