Massey Street

Intersection of Massey and Holcomb 1900
Intersection of Massey and Holcomb 1900
St. Patrick's Church 1880
St. Patrick's Church 1880
Massey Street in Watertown is divided into two sections. North Massey runs from Court Street to Arsenal Street and has traditionally been a mixture of businesses and residences. South Massey runs from Arsenal Street south towards the city limits and has traditionally been a residential street. The Street was named after Hart Massey.

Lower Massey, or North Massey Street, was part of the site of Henry Coffeen's proposed business district, Madison Square, in 1816. Since then, the street has been the site of many schools, churches and businesses.

Notable Structures on Massey Street

St. Patrick's Church
Massey Street School
Arsenal Street School

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