Jefferson County Drug Court

Jefferson County Drug Court is a specialty court that combines intensive supervision and treatment as an alternative to incarceration for non-violent drug addicted offenders.

In response to the growing problem of non-violent drug addicted offenders committing crimes and being caught in the "revolving door" of the justice system, New York State's Chief Justice Judith Kaye ordered that all county and family courts in the state implement a Drug Court by the end of 2002.

In 2001, Jefferson County's Drug Court planning commission - which combined court officials, probation, attorneys and treatment providers - went on several national training sessions to plan for a Drug Court in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County's Drug Court opened its doors on February 1, 2002. Its mission is to improve public safety by effectively identifying and treating non-violent, drug and alcohol addicted offenders.

To qualify, a person must be facing a felony charge in Jefferson County Court. The defendant must have a drug or alcohol problem. He or she must be a non-violent offender. Any prospective client is presented to the Drug Court Team and accepted by the team for participation.

If the defendant successfully completes the program, he or she receives a reduction in charges and does not have to face any additional jail or prison time. If the defendant does not complete the program, he or she will stand convicted on the original felony charge and will be sentenced to a term in state prison.

The program is a minimum of one year and is often much longer. While on the program, the defendant must attend court on a regular basis, be tested for drugs and alcohol on both a random and scheduled basis and must attend substance abuse treatment and self-help meetings.

The Honorable Kim Martusewicz is the Drug Court Judge. Jennifer Hudson Mosher, MS, CASAC is the Drug Court Coordinator and Tabatha Sellick, BA, CASAC is the Drug Court Case Manager. The Drug Court Team consists of representatives from the District Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office, the Probation Department, the Bridge Program, and treatment providers from both Credo Community Center and Samaritan Medical Center.


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