1846 church
First Baptist Church
The First Baptist Church has had a presence in Watertown since the city's earliest days. The Baptist congregation formed their first society 1823. They built their first church, a wooden structure, on Factory Street in 1828. Ten years later, they built a new church, made of wood, on the corner of State Street and Public Square. The Factory Street church was then sold to Watertown's early Catholic population and was renamed St. Mary's.

In 1846, the Baptist Church burned down, but was immediately rebuilt. The 1846 brick structure, designed by Otis Wheelock, stood until 1891, when the congregation rebuilt their church. The east and north walls of the 1846 structure remained standing, forming the basis of the new building, while the south and west sides of the church were built with limestone. The new steeple was outfitted with a four sided clock. The bottom floor of the church facing Public Square served for many years as retail space. In 1911, a three story addition to the church, fronted with limestone, was built behind the church on State Street.

Brick walls of the 1846 church remain standing today
In 2007, machinists from Knowlton Technologies,formerly Knowlton Brothers Paper Co, donated their time to get the four-sided clock running for the first time in several years; this saved the city, which owns and maintains the clock, several thousand dollars in repairs by clock specialists.

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