external image crystalsign.jpgexternal image normal_crystal444.jpgThe Crystal Restaurant, located on Public Square, is one of Watertown's most popular eateries.

The Crystal has been run by the Dephthereos family since the 1930's.

The restaurant is well known for its reasonably priced menu, and for its remarkably preserved interior. Visitors dine in a room decorated with dark wood paneling, mosaic tile floors, tin ceilings and art deco light fixtures. These decorations have adorned The Crystal's interior for more than 70 years.

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The Crystal is also famous for its "Tom & Jerry" drinks served to the public during the Christmas season.

The Crystal was recently listed on the Register of Very Special Places, which celebrates cultural landmarks throughout Northern New York. The plaque citing the restaurant as a "Very Special Place" sits proudly in The Crystal's store front window.

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