City Center Mall

external image CityCenterMall.jpgBuilt in 1970, the City Center Mall is located on lower Arsenal Street in Watertown. The structure was the end result of Urban Renewal, a controversial movement by city officials to modernize the downtown area.

The mall was most famously home to Woolworth's, which moved into the top floor of the new mall in 1971, leaving its longtime home on Public Square. The bottom floor was occupied my numerous shops over the next 25 years.

The mall was a popular shopping destination in Watertown until the opening of the Salmon Run Mall in 1986. Many of the shops that occupied the mall's lower floor began closing their doors soon after, while Woolworth's, although still popular, would close their doors in 1996. The building would remain vacant for the next several years.

In 2002, Stream, a company that operates several tech support call centers, announced it would be opening a new call center in the City Center Mall. Stream today employs several hundred people in the building's top floor, while shops and a bank occupy sections of the lower floor.