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Welcome to JeffCoBiking, the place for all things cycling in Jefferson County, NY & surrounding areas


Whether you are a hard-core cyclist interested in road, MTB, or gravel biking; a casual rider; a racer; or a beginner or bike-curious - JeffCoBiking is the place for you.

The Facebook group is a great place for discussions, group ride info, biking news, biking events, photos, buying and selling, and help and advice. And maybe once in a while a joke. Anyone can join, of any level, and those who live in surrounding areas are welcome too.

Group ride schedules and biking events and races are posted on the Facebook group messages as well in our JeffCoBiking group calendar.

We also have a Strava group where you can see everyone's Strava cycling stats, see posts, and maybe have a little friendly competition with others.

You'll also find many biking resources on this page including local bike shops and useful biking links of many types; both local and general. And a resource map for Jefferson County - need to find a big hill to climb, a place to fill up your water bottle on a long ride, a restroom, a trail? The biking resource map is the place.

If you post on social media (especially Instagram - checkout out our Instagram acount) consider adding the hashtag #jeffcobiking and/or #jeffconybiking to your posts and photos!

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